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Do you love getting a bargain on the clothes you buy? It gets easier and easier to get great deals on fashion.

But does paying so little for your clothes ever make you wonder how much the people who make them get paid? Are you concerned about the hardships these workers face? Do you want to do something about it that will generate real impact?

Now there is a way for you to improve the livelihoods of the workers who stitch the beautiful clothes you wear every day!


tip4good generates a win-win-win-win scenario for all the parties involved -

1. The factory worker supplements her income and increases her wellbeing through additional resources to fulfill her most pressing needs (nutrition, healthcare, childcare, education, investment, etc.) as she sees fit.

2. The factory owner increases employee retention, lowers turnover, and improves workers’ morale.

3. The fashion brand burnishes its sustainable credentials and corporate social responsibility portfolio, as well as getting a chance to put its charitable foundation funds to optimal use without the need to structure or administer smaller programs with a reduced scope of impact.

4. The tip4good customer satiates her compassion and altruistic desire to see her fashion purchase accomplish something tangibly beneficial for the workers who made the item and acquires the opportunity to earn rewards in retribution for her generosity.