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Do you love getting a bargain on the clothes you buy? It gets easier and easier to get great deals on fashion.

But does paying so little for your clothes ever make you wonder how much the people who make them get paid? Are you concerned about the hardships these workers face? Do you want to do something about it that will generate real impact?

Now there is a way for you to improve the livelihoods of the workers who stitch the beautiful clothes you wear every day!

Introducing tip4good

tip4good is a state-of-the-art payments platform that grants anyone who buys clothing the opportunity to make a difference in the welfare of apparel workers all over the world by impacting the item they care about most: the bottom line—their wages.

tip4good harnesses the power of technology and the goodwill and generosity of consumers. It allows you to pay a gratuity to the workers at the factory where the clothing you have just purchased was assembled.